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Bluetooth® Bath Fan

Bluetooth® Bath Fan

Homewerks Worldwide has introduced a Bluetooth®-enabled bath fan that streams music wirelessly in home bathrooms. It’s an affordable option to upgrade and customize any bathroom.

Bluetooth® Bath Fan Features

Bluetooth® connectivity to most devices

Smartphones, tablets or laptops — if a device is Bluetooth®-enabled, it can be paired and music can be streamed instantly.

Pairs Automatically

After initial set-up, it connects to a paired device automatically when it’s within 30 feet of the speaker.

Reliable Connection

The strong, clear signal reaches up to 30 feet away.

Streaming Music Wirelessly

A high-quality speaker guarantees a warm, full sound.

Quiet Operation

The fan motor operates at a quiet 1.5 Sones.

Strong Air Movement

Mold resistant and powerful, the fan generates 90 CFM of bathroom air current.

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Discover which Bluetooth® Bath Fan is right for you

  Ventilation Fan with Bluetooth Speaker (7130-01-BT)

Ventilation Fan with Bluetooth Speaker 7130-01-BT

Ventilation Fan with Stereo Bluetooth Speakers and LED Lights (7130-02-BT)

Ventilation Fan with Stereo Bluetooth Speakers and LED Lights 7130-02-BT

Connects to most Bluetooth®-enabled devices X X
Pairs device automatically when in range of speaker X X
Signal up to 30 feet away X X
Very quiet: 1.5 Sones X X
Greater air movement: 90 CFM X X
Full speaker sound X X
Dual stereo speakers X
12 watt LED light X
Blue nightlight X
Multifunction wall switch X
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