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Bath Fans

I'm having difficulty installing my new bath fan; how do I get help?

First be sure to check the Products section of this web site for downloadable installation instructions. These provide in depth information about how to install your ventilating bath fan.

My bath fan does not seem to be clearing the room of steam after I shower; is it working properly?

Keep in mind that ventilating bath fans require an air source to draw air up and out of your bathroom. If your bathroom door and / or window are closed, then there may not be enough air circulating in the room to help your fan clear the air. If you crack your door or window open a little, you will gain better performance from your fan.

My bath fan is making more noise than I expected; is there a reason for this?

If you used a reducer fitting between your bath fan outlet and your house ventilation duct, then the noise generated by your bath fan can be louder than normal. This can be adjusted by changing the diameter of your house ventilation duct to match the size of the fan outlet.

When I installed my ventilating bath fan, the connecting screw running from the fan body, through the light kit and shade to the finial is too short; what do I do?

Sometimes this screw appears to be too short when the fan is mounted too high in your ceiling. The bottom of the fan body should be flush with your ceiling, allowing for the thickness of your ceiling board. The bottom of the fan body should not be above your ceiling board. Once the fan is lowered, then the connector screw will be long enough to attach your light shade and finial.

Faucets and Shower Heads

How can I clean a clogged shower head?

We suggest soaking your showerhead in a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water over night. The vinegar will break down any mineral deposits or sediment from hard water and should improve the flow through your shower head.

Why has the water pressure in my faucet / shower head decreased over time?

Water pressure can decrease over time due to mineral build-up in your faucet or showerhead. Try soaking your showerhead or cleaning your faucet aerator in a solution of water and vinegar.

My bath or kitchen faucet is dripping after I shut it off; how can I repair this?

Shut off the cold water supply. If the leak stops, then the problem is on the cold-water side. If the leak continues, then the problem is on the hot water side. Many faucets have a cartridge that is located under the hot and cold handles. Remove the handle on the problem side to remove the cartridge. Try replacing the cartridge to repair the drip. Cartridges for Homewerks faucets are available for warranty replacement by calling (877) 319-3757 or email

Why does my new shower head seem to have less water pressure than my old shower head?

Showerheads are required by the Federal EPA to have a water flow restriction device for water saving initiatives. This is often the cause of reduced water pressure after installation of a new showerhead. Some consumers choose to remove this device, but doing so may void the showerhead warranty.

General Questions

How can I purchase products from Homewerks Worldwide?

If you are a consumer, then Homewerks products can be purchased at many hardware retailers throughout the United States including The Home Depot, Lowe's, True Value Hardware, Menards and others. Unfortunately, we do not sell our products directly to consumers. If you are interested in purchasing our products wholesale in quantities meeting our minimum order requirements, please contact us by calling sales at (224) 543-1500 or emailing

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