Let's face it, mom deserves something nice for the holidays. She has worked hard raising you, cleaning up your messes and running a household, and now is your chance to give back to her after all these years. If you want to make her life a little easier and less cluttered, the perfect gift would be one that lets her relax and enjoy the wonders of cutting-edge technology, maybe while she enjoys an eggnog drink you personally prepared for her. To start you thinking, we have prepared a list of five cool tech gadgets that any mom would love to receive this year.

  1. Smartphone-Controlled Coffee Machine
    Everyone loves the smell of coffee in the morning — even non-coffee drinkers. With the help of a smartphone-controlled coffee machine, like the Scanomat TopBrewer, mom can start the brew of her choice before she even gets out of bed. The brewer has the ability to connect to any android, iPhone or iPad device and lets the user pick out their drink of choice with touch screen graphics. On top of this, the machine can also foam milk, dispense chilled or hot water and much more.
  2. Automatic Wine Opener
    Your mother most likely has a lot of friends to entertain for the holidays, and a great way to save save some hassle opening wine bottles is to grab her the Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew. This cool tech gadget sports an action window so your mom can watch the automatic process of the corkscrew illuminated in a stylish blue. Also, it comes with its own charging station and holds power for about 8 hours, perfect for holiday parties.
  3. Wireless Music System
    Another fun cool tech gadget to get for your mother this holiday is the Sonos Wireless HiFi System. She'll be able to connect the whole speaker system to her home network and wirelessly stream music throughout the house, filling her home with festivity. Even niftier, she can control the hardware via computer, smartphone, or tablet to listen to music or a wide array of streaming content available on the web.
  4. Remote-Controlled Cooking
    Does your mom like to cook? Nowadays it is easier than ever for her to fit cooking into her busy lifestyle, with the iTotal Control stove from AGA. This cool tech gadget can make your mother's life easier and enable her to activate the stovetop, oven and other modes from a simple text message. The stove possesses its own SIM card, and always texts the user back to let them know the device is active. Your mom can preheat the oven on her way home from work or even cook from Pilates class.
  5. Bluetooth Bath Fan
    If your mother spends a lot of time relaxing in the bath or the shower, a great gift for her this holiday season would be the Bluetooth Bath Fan from Homewerks Worldwide. This high-functioning fan not only provides her with synced music straight from her tablet or smartphone, but also needs no charging, as it is hooked directly into the bath fan wiring. Also, the device is an upgrade over most standard bath fans and will connect automatically to her music player after initial setup.

If you're looking for a gift for mom this season, you can't go wrong with some cool tech gadgets to add some more fun to everyday activities.