Tweet via your fridge? Sure, why not? It's not breaking news that the smartphone is a huge component of today's home automation wave. But it isn't always the smartphone that directly communicates with your appliances. Sometimes there's a middleman, like Twitter.

Here are some examples:

When Fridges Get Smart

Samsung's Smart Fridge lives up to its name. Not only does the fridge come with a Wi-Fi-enabled LCD screen, but it also has special apps built in to help you access Google calendar, check the weather, read the news, and even find recipes in Epicurious. Plus, it allows you to check your email and tweet up a storm while you're preparing your next culinary masterpiece. According to Samsung's own website, the Twitter app is meant to be used as a way to share recipes, but it can be equally helpful to send messages.

If that's not enough, Samsung's Smart Fridge also comes with a grocery manager, which you can program to warn you when the leftovers in the fridge are about to expire.

Embarrasing Tweeting

Here's one appliance you probably wish would NOT Tweet: the Withings Body Scale. Why? Because the scale can be set so it will tweet your weight to all your Twitter followers. While the fear of the upcoming tweet might keep you from stepping on the scale, it could also push you to exercise and watch what you eat more closely.

Creating Your Own Tweeting Appliances

You can make your own Tweet-a-Pot (a Twitter controlled coffee machine) by following a few simple steps. All it takes is some supplies and the ability to write some code. You probably won't end up with something that looks too fancy or futuristic, but being able to order a cup of homemade coffee via Twitter might make up for it.

Another option if you want a Tweeting appliance is to buy a microcontroller. These are basically single integrated circuits or mini-computers that can be programmed to detect a variety of things. For example, you can set it up so it detects changes in temperature and then connect it to your toaster oven so it sends you a message via Twitter when your toast is ready.

Whether you're ready to buy some Tweeting appliances or want to try making your own, the options are out there.