Maybe you hate vacuuming, maybe you don't have time to clean, or maybe you love finding new and exciting ways to entertain your pets. Whatever your reason for wanting an automatic vacuum cleaner like the Roomba, there's undoubtedly a product at a price point that suits your needs. Automatic vacuum cleaners are useful and cool, making them perfect for any high-tech household.

The Roomba

The average person might not know a ton about automatic vacuum cleaners, but he or she can undoubtedly tell you what a Roomba does. With over eight million units sold, manufacturer iRobot gained wide recognition for its ubiquitous line of robotic helpers—the first on the market, and still among the best. Despite its round shape, the Roomba can get into corners, and it is smart enough to stay away from stairs and power cords. It also comes in a variety of prices and hardware configurations. The 650 model, for instance, is designed to pick up pet hairs and other fibers. As the gadget that introduced home robotics to the public, the Roomba is definitely worth your time when you're looking for an automatic vacuum cleaner of your own.

The Scooba

The Scooba may not technically be a vacuum cleaner—it's more of an automatic mop—but when it comes to robotic floor cleaners, this Roomba spinoff is every bit as good as its predecessor. Instead of collecting dirt, the Scooba washes hard-surface floor materials like tile and linoleum, attacking dirt and grime with the same intelligence and accuracy as the Roomba. Its cleaning solution is a lot more sanitary than the recycled floor-water found in a standard mop-and-bucket setup, too, so you'll never again feel like your floors are still dirty immediately after mopping them. Use it in tandem with a Roomba and you'll have the ultimate clean house automatically—not to mention a lot more free time.

Neato Robotics

Like iRobot, the folks at Neato Robotics sell their robotic vacuum cleaners under a single name. The 'Neatos' boast many of the same features as the Roomba, such as advanced navigation systems and calendar-scheduled cleaning, but have one major advantage over the competition: vacuum technology powered by "centrifugal compression-impellers" and "jet engine airflow principles." In layman's terms, they're really good at picking up dirt. Better, some reviews suggest, than the Roomba itself. If you're looking for deep-cleaning capabilities, the Neato may be a perfect solution for your personal robot assistant needs.

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner

If you want automatic cleaning but don't need beefy technology behind it, the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner might be the right choice for you. It can handle a wet or dry cloth and works with a number of cleaning cloths, including the ever-popular Swiffer. Its NorthStar navigation technology makes it more accurate than other automatic devices, many of which roam rooms in endless circles and frequently bang into furniture. The Mint also features up to three hours of run time on a single battery charge. Given the features it packs and its low price, this is a great match for any budget-minded tech fan—especially those who hate cleaning floors.

The Vacuum Cleaner of the Future

You don't need to live in a Jetsons-style space condo to pick up a robotic maid of your own. Any of these products can add undeniable high-tech flair to your home while saving you time. Don't be surprised when you grow so attached to your new vacuum cleaner that you give it a nickname.