When it comes to innovative alarm clocks, the market is full of surprises. And if you already have an automated home, adding a techy clock to your bedroom is a no-brainer. 

The good news? Most of those techy clocks serve more than one purpose. For example, they will not only tell you the time, but they will also charge your iPad.

If you're ready to go shopping, here are three models that are worth the investment.

iHOME iA63 App-enhanced Alarm Clock FM Radio Stereo Speaker System with Motorized Rotating Dock for iPhone and iPod

Even though the name is a mouthful, the iA63 is worth consideration. You can dock your iPhone or iPod on it, which allows you to download apps to improve the awesomeness of the clock. For example, the iHome+Sleep app allows you to customize your alarm system and snooze button with a variety of noises and sounds — you can wake up to everything from music to the sound of birds chirping. The docking station will also charge your iPhone while you're sleeping plus let you know what the weather is like. Still not convinced? There's also a radio and a full feature remote control.

HoMedics SoundSpa Premier

The SoundSpa is a clock with a projection interface, which means the time will not show on a screen but on a wall or another nearby surface instead. Most projection clocks are just about the look, but the SoundsSpa works as an alarm clock too. If projecting the time is not enough, don't worry — this clock can project the current temperature (both indoor and outdoor) on the wall. It also has automatic DST adjustment to ensure ticking perfection.

Aside from the AM-FM clock radio settings, the SoundSpa also offers six different nature sounds (such as a waterfall and a rainstorm), which you can use as white noise to relax or as your alarm sound of choice in the morning.

Rotaliana Multibook

Shaped like a book, this three-in-one clock is meant to satisfy the techiest person. The spine of the "book" features not only a clock, but also a calendar. One of the sides comes equipped with a three-way multisocket so you can charge your phone or iPad while you sleep.

Need more? This "book" opens up to reveal a compartment where you can store cables or charges for your electronics. Plus, the sides are illuminated with 74 LEDs, turning the Multibook into an impromptu night light.

Whether you're looking for a top-of-the-line techy clock or one that fits a particular geeky need, there's a model out there just for you.