With leaves falling, temperatures dropping and Halloween in the rearview, tech fans around the country are gearing up for the next big holiday on their end-of-the-year schedule: Thanksgiving.

If you plan on celebrating Turkey Day with friends or family (or both!) this holiday season, you know how stressful things can get leading up to the big meal. Fortunately, there are a number of cool kitchen gadgets for Thanksgiving that can help you get to the best part of the season — chowing down — with minimal stress. Here are a few for you to consider as the big day gets closer:

Automatic Potato Peeler

Does anyone like peeling potatoes? If so, let them use the manual kitchen tools. Clifford James's automatic, electric peeler is a great addition to your stable of cool kitchen gadgets for Thanksgiving because of the time and energy it can save. Add your potatoes and a little water to the device, close the lid, press a button and voilà: All the perfectly peeled spuds you need with a fraction of the effort. Mashed potatoes are a huge part of any Thanksgiving celebration. If you're tasked with cooking them, don't let the most boring part of the job take up the largest part of your time!

Smart Thermometer

Cooking a perfect turkey is perhaps the most complex and rewarding aspect of hosting a Thanksgiving shindig. While services like the Thanksgiving Day Butterball hotline — and yes, that does really exist — can help, a true high-tech chef has plenty of tools to get the job done without outside assistance. The iGrill, a Bluetooth-connected, smartphone-friendly gadget, is designed to let you check meat temperature from anywhere, making it great for that delicious, golden bird you've chosen for your get-together. We've already told you about how useful the gadget can be in the summer months; now, with Turkey Day rapidly approaching, you can use it in the fall, too. Make sure to check it out if you haven't bought one already.

Phillips Hue

We all know how important lighting can be when you're trying to set the right mood for a meal. Phillips Hue, one of several cool kitchen gadgets for Thanksgiving from the Netherlands-based electronics company, helps you achieve the perfect ambiance with its multiple lighting options: Not only can you control how bright or dim your lights will be during meal time, you can set their color, too, and the device can be controlled from pretty much any smartphone on the market. It even comes with a number of light "recipes" (preset brightness/color configurations), making it even easier to set the mood with the press of a button. If you own a smartphone, this gadget is definitely worth a look.

Electric Gravy Boat

The last item in our list of cool kitchen gadgets for Thanksgiving, Deni's electric gravy boat has a noble task indeed come Thanksgiving: keeping the gravy warm. If you've ever dived into a pile of delicious-looking mashed potatoes only to be greeted by lukewarm (or worse, cold!) gravy on top, you know exactly how important that can be. The device accomplishes its goal by way of a heated, temperature-controlled plate, but don't worry about it looking out-of-place. With its traditional ceramic finish, the device will fit perfectly with that traditional-looking service set you spent several agonizing hours choosing. Now that you've handled the potatoes, finish the job with an electric gravy boat and let the ultimate Thanksgiving celebration commence!

A Traditional High-Tech Turkey Day

This list of cool kitchen gadgets for Thanksgiving is great for the big day in November, of course, but they can help you accomplish your day-to-day cooking and entertainment goals as well. From automatic potato peelers and electric gravy boats to wireless lights, it's easy to make your Thanksgiving bash the most memorable in years — now get to planning! Those turkeys don't cook themselves, after all.