With self-opening cabinets and refrigerators with built-in touchscreens, the rest of your kitchen can be as high tech as your appliances. Everything from utensils to butter dishes and more are ripe for a high-tech upgrade in the automated home. Whether you're looking for a way to improve your home-cooked meals or just a new toy to impress your techie friends, these cool products go far beyond the traditional run-of-the mill kitchen items.

Butter Wizard

Inconsistent butter temperature may not be a problem you face on a day-to-day basis, but if you cook at home frequently, you've certainly run into it in the past. When the temperature is too high, butter is runny; too cold and you may as well have a rock on the end of your knife. The Butter Wizard solves this, manufacturer Alfillé says, by constantly controlling your butter temperature, giving you your daily spread "at precisely the right temperature to suit its particular texture." Though it is a little larger than the average butter dish, anyone who's poked a hole in their toast with cold butter (or made a mess of their work pants, if dealing with warm butter) can undoubtedly see some value here.

Umbra iSpoon

Let's say you're preparing a big meal from a recipe on your iPad or Android tablet. Do you really want to wash and dry your hands every time you need to scroll down the page? Of course not. The Umbra iSpoon solves this problem by serving two purposes: Spoon on one end, electromagnetic, tablet-friendly stylus on the other. Get one, and you can scroll, tap and flip through recipes with ease—and without gunking up your tablet screen, if you tend to get your hands dirty when cooking, something anyone who works with dough or chops veggies faces on a regular basis.

Rechargeable Salt and Pepper Mills

Let's face it: Salt and pepper can make or break your meal. Why suffer with inferior products when high-tech kitchen items like Cusinart's Rechargeable Salt and Pepper Mills are available? The mills, which connect to a recharging dock and allow for fresh-ground salt and pepper, make flavoring your latest culinary creation easy—instead of twisting the top of a mill (and worrying about clogs and jams), all you need to do is press a button.

Tablet Mount

Another tablet toy, Belkin's high-tech line of kitchen items allow you to mount your tablet to the kitchen walls, saving space and sparing your favorite touchscreen from spills, drops and other common cooking disasters. No messy installation is needed, either; the device uses a small clamp to grab onto structural elements under kitchen cabinets.

The High-Tech Kitchen

You don't have to drop a bundle of cash to make cooking a high-tech affair. These and other products are a perfect way to improve your kitchen experience—now get cooking!