Recipe apps are helping us to truly realize the smart kitchen. There are hundreds of Android and iOS apps that can deliver the recipe you desire straight to your smartphone or tablet. Some of these apps are optimized for smartphones, while others are made specifically for tablets due to their graphical content. There are also appliance makers, such as LG and Samsung, that have been supplying us with smart kitchen appliances for quite some time, such as refrigerators that allow us to check the news, keep a shopping list, and look up recipes.

Mobile Recipe Apps for iOS Devices

A quick look in the iTunes app store shows you that there are well over a thousand recipe mobile apps available for Apple devices from all around the world. There are mobile apps to help you become a better bartender and some to help you become a better cook. You can peruse a list of either the most popular apps, or you can check them out alphabetically.

20000+ Soup Recipes is a mobile app that costs $1.99. It lists how to make over 20,000 different types of soup, most of which require only the most basic of kitchen tools to prepare.

The Making Cocktails app sells for 99 cents and lists the recipes for a large collection of cocktails. The drink recipes come from all over the world, such as the caipirinha made with Brazilian Cachaça or vodka, and lime.

You can get a taste of Mexico with the Avocados from Mexico Amazing Recipes. This is a free app that offers more avocado recipes than the standard guacamole, including recipes for main dishes, dips, salads, and sandwiches.

Android Devices Also Have Many Recipe App Choices

Android users are in luck too — the Google Play Store page listing mobile culinary apps says there at least 1,000 of these apps listed, including BigOven,, and Mixology.

BigOven is a free culinary app listing over 250,000 recipes and also has a shopping list section as well as a menu application.

The mobile app was named one of Time Magazine's 50 Best Apps of 2012. This free app lets you look up any recipe appearing on the site and scan it for the ingredients you need. There is also a plug-in for the app called Dinner Spinner that lets you get creative with recipes and share them on social media.

Mixology is an app that lists more than 7,900 drink recipes as well as more than 1,300 drink ingredients. The app allows you to easily switch between metric and standard measurements. Mixology also lets you search for liquor stores nearby so you can find those ingredients.

Refrigerators for the 21st Century

Major appliance makers such as LG and Samsung have been producing appliances with video displays for several years. Originally, these were very basic, but now there are units with eight-inch LCD touch-screen displays and Wi-Fi capability for Internet access. The 28-cubic-foot Samsung RF4289HARS combines a refrigerator with a capacity of 28 feet with an eight-inch LCD tablet built into the door. It runs several helpful apps for recipes, notes, shopping lists, and weather.

The LG ThinQ LFX31995ST is a 31-cubic-foot refrigerator with a built-in eight-inch tablet with Wi-Fi that comes pre-loaded with several apps for your connected life. This refrigerator also has the ability to keep track of what's in it as well as product freshness dates.

Within a few years, you will see an even larger explosion of smart kitchen apps and appliances. You'll see more recipe apps, as well as smarter appliances and countertops with built-in tablets and smart devices.