It's pool time! As the proud owner of your own backyard oasis, you know the only thing more fun than going for a dip is taking a swim with some cool new outdoor gadgets. Not just floating mats and foam noodles, either: There are plenty of toys and tools available to make your summer swimming experience easier and more fun. Here are just a few ideas to consider.

ION Water Rocker

Speakers outside the pool? Pfft. We're living in the future, which means your music can follow you right into the water. ION's floating MP3 radios employ a wireless transmitter to keep your phone dry while the speaker itself floats beside you. Even better, the transmitter can connect to any device that uses a standard 1/8-inch speaker cable, meaning everything from your TV to your computer can follow you when you go for a swim.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaners aren't as cool as outdoor gadgets like inflatable sharks or waterproof speakers, but they can still be cute and useful. The Aqua Critter is a device designed to clean your pool with a smile on its cartoony face and minimum effort on your part. Who said being an adult was all business all the time?

Electric Amphibious Vehicle

There's no better complement for a poolside soiree than an amphibious, robotic servant. This nifty gadget, controlled with a wireless remote, can bring you drinks and blast your buddies with a built-in water cannon. Cold beers and poolside warfare? Sounds like a memorable party! Just make sure to balance the two. Great power comes with great responsibility and all that.

Waterproof Camera Gear

You don't have to be a pro — or live near an ocean — to get into underwater photography. Ikelite's waterproof tools include everything from lights to camera housings, turning your pool into a veritable photography studio. If your hobbies include photography and pool parties be sure to check them out.

Floating Pool Lights

Lights outside a pool are nice. Lights in a pool are downright awesome. The Pool Luminary keeps your pool well-lit while you do laps after hours. Three AAA batteries are all it needs to keep the party going after the sun goes down, which is a small price to pay for sunburn-free swimming.

Patio Mister

Let's say you're holding a pool party. Being the good host that you are, you don't want to hop in just yet — but it's still really hot out. If this sounds like a typical problem, check out Misty Mate's Keepin' Cool 6, a poolside gadget that connects to your patio umbrella and keeps you cool with some sweet, sweet misting action. It's a genuine theme park mister experience without the $90 tickets or $8 beers.

With pool season approaching, there's no better time to deck out your spread with high-tech outdoor gadgets and toys. Whether you're concerned with form or function (or just making your buddies jealous), these seven items are a great start to the best summer ever, and who wouldn't want one of those?