Even the humble leaf blower, a device most people wouldn't consider cutting edge to begin with, has been updated to fit into today's high-tech lifestyles. Whatever your needs, there's sure to be a blower (or accessory) to fit them— the first step is knowing where to look!

Sweet, Sweet Silence

Let's face it: Nobody likes the neighbor that plays with lawn care toys early in the morning. So-called "low-noise" alternatives to standard leaf blowers, like Echo's PB-460LN, help you eliminate the aural annoyance with a number of tweaks to the standard blower machinery. Advanced air filters and shielding technology make piling your yard waste a much quieter affair, while user-centered adjustments—think padded shoulder straps and easy-to-use controls—make the apparatus more comfortable all around. If you're looking for a quieter way to keep your yard clean, check silent technology out. Your neighbors will thank you.

Electric Means Green

Whether you're concerned about the environment or the rising cost of fuel, electric leaf blowers can be a lifesaver. Don't think you need an extension cord, either: Many, like Greenworks' 24602 model, operate just fine wirelessly, packing rechargeable 20 volt batteries instead of gasoline. As an added perk, many other yard care tools, like hedge trimmers and even lawn mowers, work using the same technology. Electric power: It's not just for cars anymore.

Push Blowers: They're Awesome

If you're like most people, you probably thought lawn mowers were the only lawn-care tools made for pushing instead of carrying. Think again! The Billy Goat line of products, among others, offer a lighter, quieter, more convenient way to clear the yard without backpacks or other heavy accessories. With advanced fan technology and various self-propelling options, there's no reason to worry about lugging heavy equipment—or worse, wrenching your back—anymore.

Lawn Sweeping Helps Remove Leaves, Too

Whether raking, blowing or sweeping, your goal is likely always the same when dealing with leaves: total removal. If so, you might want to check out sweepers like those offered by Agri-Fab. The sweepers' ability to collect your leaves automatically makes it a lot easier to leave them at curbside at the end of the day. Many models allow for simultaneous sweeping and mowing, killing two yard-care birds with one high-tech stone. As with any major purchase, evaluating all your options is advisable—it could turn out that a sweeper meets all your needs without the noise (or single-use focus) of a standard leaf blower.

With these products in mind, taking care of your yard waste can be a much easier prospect. Whether an all-electric option best suits your needs or an all-in-one sweeper option sounds most appealing, enjoy! And, as always, remember: High-tech living doesn't have to exclusively inside the home.