With resources dwindling and the public's concern at an all-time high, going green is a lot more than a fad—it's a conscious, committed effort to lessen your environmental footprint. Whether you're new to the movement or you've already made significant adjustments to your daily habits, water conservation is a great place to focus your efforts. Several products, ranging from small gadgets to full-blown systems, exist for the sole purpose of helping you save H2O, making it easier than ever to do your part. Here are three technologies you can use in your quest to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.


The folks at WaterSaver introduce their AQUS water conservation technology on the AQUS website with a single, eye-opening statistic: "In homes across the U.S., the bathroom accounts for 74 percent of water used." No matter how much water your household uses, that's a large percentage—and that makes the restroom a perfect room to start when you decide it's time to go green. The AQUS captures and filters your used sink water, storing it in a 5.5 gallon reservoir. It replaces the water in your toilet with the newly-filtered product every time you flush, an earth-friendly process that can save a two-person household roughly 5,000 gallons of water each year. Filters ensure "hair and other solids" stay out of the toilet, according to the website, and included disinfectant tablets make sure the filtered water is safe for house pets to drink. On top of that, the product only takes 2.5 hours to install. If you're looking for an easy way to lessen your impact on the environment, start with the AQUS system.

Tap Aerators

In the shower or at the sink, low water pressure can be a constant source of annoyance. Aerators, which change the mixture of air and water flowing through the tap or shower head, represent a water conservation technology that's both eco-friendly and helpful to the consumer. Some faucets, like this one from Aqua Source, come with aerators built in; others feature simple connectors that let you install any aerator of your choosing. Whichever you decide to go with, aerators allowing you to help save the environment without making huge adjustments to your lifestyle—a great combination indeed!

Rainfall Shutoff Devices

Used by themselves, automatic sprinklers aren't necessarily the most eco-friendly home gadgets on the block. Combine them with an automatic shutoff like Rain Bird's Rain Check, however, and you greatly reduce your risk of wasting water—and that, in part, is what water conservation is all about! The devices, which monitor rainfall levels and override existing home irrigation systems based on pre-set metrics, make sure your automatic setup isn't running on rainy days, saving you from wasteful water use. Better yet, they're adjustable, meaning you can automatically stop your sprinklers from starting after as little as an eighth of an inch of rainfall. Don't feel bad for forgetting to stop your automatic home irrigation setup. Let a shutoff device handle it for you, and further automate your home in the process!

As these products show, getting into water conservation doesn't have to mean making a huge lifestyle change. Whatever your budget or desired level of effort, it's easy to help save the planet. Now get to conserving!