Sometimes a shower just doesn't cut it. Your body is sore, you're tired and all you want is a nice, hot bath. But forget about the baths of yesteryear, these days we have Jacuzzi-like tubs with intelligent temperature control, smartphone automation, massaging jets and more. There are even self-cleaning bathtubs for those who can't do it themselves. Technology has found its way into our bathrooms and it's here to stay.

Tech Design

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal highlighted some of the most unusual, modern bathtub designs. One of those designs was the Wild Terrain Designs' Tub-E, which might be the most perfect marriage of technology and design ever. Tub-E comes in either copper or stainless steel and is surrounded by a swirl staircase complete with LED lights. Step on it, and the lights go on automatically, creating an otherworldy effect.

Then there's the tech side. The Tub-E has a unique bucket-like design, so you actually sit in it rather than lying down. The advantage? You use less water to fill it up. Plus, the Tub-E also comes with its own water-heating system, which keeps the water at a constant temperature, no matter how long you decide to make your bath. Not enough? Tub-E comes with a self-cleaning, self-filling and self-draining system. Just press a button on the keypad and let the bathtub do the rest.

Multimedia Stations

Why read in the bathtub when you could watch TV, listen to your iPod or scan the local FM radio stations? Say hello to the ultimate media bathtubs. The Bazen AT-956TV Bathtub, designed in Korea and launched in 2013, has a rectangular design that looks industrial (it's made of polished metal). It not only comes with an LCD screen, but it also offers a DVD player and a radio tuner. Plus, the tub easily transforms into a Jacuzzi with the push of a button and comes equipped with a digital thermostat so you can adjust the water temperature.

Ultimate Luxury

If you want a high-tech bathtub that has it all, you can't go wrong with Water Games Technologies' Red Diamond bathtub. The tub comes equipped with two HD TVs that actually slide in and out of view (so you can hide them when not in use). There's also temperature control, a hand-held shower unit and a remote control, so you can start to fill the tub before you even step into the bathroom.

And if you had any doubt that the Red Diamond is all about luxury, here's one more detail: it comes with a champagne holder encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

If you thought tubs were boring, now you know the truth. There's a high-tech tub somewhere out there, waiting for you.