When you water your lawn, you're doing more than keeping your neighbors from staring at dead brown grass all summer — you're upholding up a tradition that dates back to the early 17th century. In those days, a patch of grass in front of your place meant you were wealthy enough to not have to grow food on all your land. Now, your rationale is probably quite a bit different, but the end goal — a healthy lawn to show the neighborhood — is likely the same. To help achieve this goal, consider an automated sprinkler system.

Why go automated? Several good reasons are discribed in this video, including wasting less money, exerting less effort, and spending less time spent turning taps in your yard. If you're looking into an automated sprinkler system for your home, these four brands are a great place to start.


IrrigationCaddy's ICEthS1, the highest-ranked automatic sprinkler system on Amazon, may sound like a product designed for golf courses, but you don't need 18 holes in your yard to benefit from all its features. Its Web-based controller lets you tweak settings from your PC or smartphone, and many of the four- or five-star product rankings for the product mention how easy it is to install. Check it out if portable control — for instance, the ability to shut it off when you're out of town and hear of a big rainstorm back home — is a concern for you.

Rain Bird

Rain Bird, like any automatic sprinkler system, lets you remotely control your sprinklers. Unlike some competitors, however, the company's comprehensive setup options mean less potential hassle when it comes to installation. Their website lets you find dealers for the product and contractors to do the heavy work, if needed. Setting up any home irrigation system can be rough for the uninitiated. Don't let it stress you out if you don't have to. After all, an automated lawn is all about making life easier.

Orbit Traveling Sprinkler

Think of Orbit's traveling sprinkler as a Roomba for your lawn. Connect up to 200 feet of hose, set a path, and watch it go from there. The spike-wheeled contraption will roam your yard at one of three preset speeds, dispensing just the amount of water needed to keep your grass green and your neighbors envious. For the price-focused consumer, it comes without the cost or hassle of a larger, installed system. It looks pretty cool in action, too.


Like the IrrigationCaddy, HydroFLASH's biggest appeal is how you control it. The device comes with a free smartphone app, giving you mobile control over your lawn irrigation. It also works with existing automated systems, meaning there's no need to replace everything in your yard when your current control unit goes out. Even better, it monitors local weather reports, making sure your sprinklers don't go off when it rains — saving water and further automating the sprinkler process.

With these four products in mind, choosing an automatic sprinkler system that works best for you should be a bit easier. Think of it as an investment that'll save time and money.