One way to give yourself a "raise" and do your part to protect the environment is to take advantage of the many energy-saving solutions available today. These eco-friendly home products can make your life easier while saving money on your utility bills, which adds up to more money in your pocket so you can do the things that you enjoy.

Get Free Electricity for a Month with a Programmable Thermostat

You can save 5 to 15 percent per year on your heating bill by simply installing a programmable device, such as the Radio Thermostat internet-controlled thermostat. The simple-to-use programmable thermostat allows you to adjust your home's temperature anytime you are logged in to the system. These savings add up to an average monthly electricity bill, so it's almost like getting power for a month for free.

Solar Powered Water Heaters

If you are in the market for a new hot water heater, investing in a solar-powered model can save you a lot of money on energy costs. A solar hot water heater costs more to install than a traditional model, but Energy Star states that you can save up to $250 each year on electricity bills and heating costs. They also can cut your carbon dioxide emissions in half. The solar water heaters are often backed up by an electric or gas system to supplement the hot water supplied by the solar powered unit.

Conserve Water and Save Money Doing It

In addition to saving energy, conserving water is another way to save money and protect the environment. Every gallon released into the sewer systems must be treated before being released into the environment, and over 25 percent of water used in a household goes down the toilet. A dual flush toilet can considerably cut down on water usage and prevent thousands of wasted gallons of water from being flushed into the sewer. Installing a dual flush toilet is a relatively inexpensive project since existing plumbing won't require upgrading. These water-saving toilets have two flush options – a stronger flush for solid waste and a weaker flush for liquids. This idea is so simple that it is surprising that there aren't dual flush toilets in every home.

There are other simple things you can do to reduce water waste in your home. Rain barrels are a great way to water your garden during dry spells at no cost. Sensor-activated faucets can also reduce water waste because they cut off quickly when you are finished using them. There are many high-tech and low-tech eco-friendly home solutions that can help you save on utility costs while impacting the environment in a positive way.

The savings from implementing these simple ways to reduce your impact on the environment will pay for the upgrades in a short time. The benefits you receive from these eco-friendly home technologies will be long lasting and will lessen the burden on our natural resources well into the future.