The term "automated home" may imply indoor fun, but the true technologist knows today's high-end electronics follow you outside, too. Case in point: the humble BBQ grill, whose status as America's real pastime seems to grow each summer as companies release newer and cooler cookout-related accessories to the public. Whether you're the guy in the oh-so-fashionable "Kiss The Cook" apron or a simple patron of the BBQ grill arts, the number of toys at your disposal has never been higher. Here are four awesome ideas to make your next outdoor cooking experience a high-tech one.

iGrill: If you've spent any amount of time at the BBQ grill, you know how easy it is to misplace the thermometer. If forgetfulness has left you with undercooked or burned-to-charcoal food, check out the iGrill, a combination wireless thermometer and smartphone app designed to save your chow from ruin. Pop the thermometer in your grill, open the app on your Android or Apple wireless device, and marvel at your new ability to check food temperatures from up to 200 feet away. Don't forget to tell everyone at your next cookout all about your sweet new toy as you do it. That's half the fun of getting new stuff.

Thermo Grill Tongs: Sure, it's another thermometer, but the Thermo Grill Tongs make grilling super convenient. Instead of combining a temperature gauge with your phone or tablet, these bad boys double as a set of tongs, making it easy to monitor your dogs, steaks and burgers even as you flip them over. They're pricier than your average grub grabbers, but the consolidation and convenience make them a solid purchase for any tech-friendly backyard chef.

Looftlighter: Open flame? Forget it. Toxic fluids? Put 'em back in the storage chest. With the Looftlighter, a Swedish-born grill ignition device, you can set the charcoal or wood beneath your food ablaze with nothing but directed, heated air. Superheated air. Even better, it comes with a built-in bottle opener, meaning your cold beverage is just as easy to open as your charcoal is to light. With a scant 60 seconds between cold rocks and hot coals, you can kiss the candle lighter and its annoying safety catch goodbye.

Hot Pot BBQ Grill: Some cookout toys are made for convenience. Some are designed with safety or fun in mind. Others, well, it's hard to say exactly what black+blum's Hot Pot BBQ is made for, but it's still pretty darn cool, and that's enough to make it worth your attention. Assuming, of course, that you can see it. Unlike other BBQ grills, which look like plain old grills, this stealth cookware looks like a potted plant until you pull its top off. From there, grilled meat bliss is only a few minutes away. Just don't lose sight of the thing and try to cook a burger on top of your favorite fern.

Adding any of these four items to your fall cooking repertoire is sure to improve the BBQ grill experience for everyone. No matter what your needs or budget, finding that cool accessory for your setup is one of the best parts of grilling, after all that delicious food, of course.